Mariano Iacono Real Estate

About me

Since I was a child, the home has always been an important institution for me, I used to play with Lego and other toys which made me feel free to instantly put into practice my ideas, creating sophisticated constructions and imagining being able to live in them.

Being the son of a builder, I’ve been in the construction industry for around 18 years and I’ve quickly learned how to recognise and deal with the issues that can occur in this region. During this time I’ve looked after many clients and been able to satisfy their particular requirements. Sometimes those requirements have been born of the client’s dreams and nothing gives me greater pleasure that turning those dreams into reality.

Today more than ever I’m strongly convinced that dreams help us to live but I believe as well that it’s vital and satisfying to produce work for people. In this way, during the length of my 4 years in the sector of luxury real estate, spent mostly in the management of a franchise of a well-known international brand, my connection to home and property has become even stronger, more passionate and more stimulating. To day after day forge still further the intuition and ability to manage and connect the property available on the market to the most suitable people, those people to which the house itself has decided to belong.

Today I’m beginning a new chapter with great enthusiasm, exhibiting and representing a new brand, my own, where the principal focus is to manage to give my clients the peace of mind to know they’ve chosen the right person to put their trust in. A person that considers the professionalism, discretion, confidentiality and unquestionable ethos of his work.