Mariano Iacono Real Estate


An oasis in the green

, Via Cirillo
550,000.00 €
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Area: 145 m2

In perfect harmony with the surrounding nature, this delightful villa is set amidst an oasis of greenery at the foot of one of the most beautiful mountains on the island, a destination for hiking and outdoor outings. The villa is spread over two terraced levels and on entering it is evident that nothing is entrusted to the case: Each object has been chosen and positioned with great care and attention. The high level, with access to the panoramic terrace, includes the dining area, a living kitchen and a large living room with fireplace and large windows, which allow the natural light to illuminate the whole environment. The refined details are also expressed in the chromatic choice of walls and upholstery, which are well-matched with the chic furnishings of the house. The second level includes the sleeping area with 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and another one in the finalization phase: here too, as a conductor, the visual impact of the colours and the details gives sensations of warmth and welcome. The bathroom shelves and the bathtub, finished in cream-coloured marble, and the blue tiles are an invitation to relax, as well as the view that opens on the rooms of the floor: a beautiful garden of more than 300 sqm, embellished by the harmonious disposition of flowers and plants on the turf Grassy and a space of about 280 sqm used as a vegetable garden and citrus Grove. The symphony that is established between inside and outside, gives every visitor peace and serenity, allowing them to enjoy the calm of the surrounding landscape.

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  • Piani edificio: 2
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